Security Experts Claim Cyber Attacks Linked to North Korea

Just the pass week, the Ransomware cyberattack has infected over 300,000 victims in about 150 countries.  The ORM Los Angeles company hasn’t been affected by this but they know that many businesses, local organizations and consumers have been. They are in place to help anyone who might suffer from private information exposure, along with leaked private files that need to be hidden a.s.a.p. If these files cannot be taken down from the Internet, having them suppressed by a reputation management company like ORM Los Angeles is a good initial step to take. This is a serious issue that many companies are scared can arise since even if you pay the Ransomware hackers through bitcoin, they might still delete or leak your files; nothing is guaranteed.

These cyberattacks have been linked to North Korea according to the security experts claims. Several labs have said that some code in an earlier version of the WannaCry software had appeared in programs used by the Lazarus Group, which researchers have identified, that is from a North-Korea-run hacking operation. This has been the best clue they have been able to identify in order to be able to find these hackers and stop the WannaCry and Ransomware from occurring to those 300,000 victims in 150 different countries. It has impacted many organizations such as hospitals and clinics who need it more than any average consumer.

All of the researchers that are investigating WannaCry and Ransomware want to see more similar coding so that they can be sure to look for an individual at least in North Korea rather than all over the world. It will help them narrow down their search for those causing so many problems in many organizations lives over the last week. Many hackers will reuse code from other operations so even the copied lines will fall short of proof. They will keep looking and so will the ORM Los Angeles company for any leaked information and files on the web.