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Most people assume that women only opt for non-invasive cosmetic surgical procedures to regain natural youthful appearance and attain the hourglass figure they desire. However, in recent decades men are also visiting the clinics of popular plastic surgeons to undergo such complex medical treatments. This is because in today’s highly competitive business world the common perception is that older employees are less efficient and proactive in the workplace in comparison to their younger counterparts. In addition to this, lack of exercise, genetics unhealthy eating habits and stress are becoming so common in such individuals that it is resulting in extreme obesity. Liposuction is the only cure to remove such stubborn cellulite fat deposits for their bodies where rigorous exercise and proper diet fails to deliver the necessary results.

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Sono Bello is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical clinics in the United States that is popularizing state of the art non-invasive micro-laser liposuction procedures for men. This treatment is very effective in removing stubborn cellulite fat deposits in undesirable areas of these individual’s body that regular exercise and healthy diet cannot achieve. This prominent medical center has more than 32 branches across the country and boosts of the more than 100 board-certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons. These practitioners are the most sought-after professionals in this medical field and have the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to conduct complex body-transformation operations. To this day, they have been successful 10,000 such procedures on men and women to the satisfaction of their clients.

How does laser micro-liposuction work?

The experts of this cosmetic surgical clinic explain that there are three stages of a non-invasive micro-laser liposuction procedure. In the beginning, the doctor administers a local anesthesia in those areas of the patient’s body where he has to perform the treatment. This keeps him/her aware during the entire treatment and allows him/her to communicate with this medical practitioner during the process. It also allows this professional to position the person undergoing the operation in such a way to ensure the best results during the treatment. In the second stage, the specialist inserts micro cannulas that use power-assisted technologies to remove the excess cellulite fat deposits from the problem areas of his/her body. After successfully sucking out such deposits, the physician finally uses a special laser equipment to perform the final changes. This apparatus not only smoothen those areas the patient’s body where he applies the micro cannulas but helps the generate collagen formation. This goes a long way in tightening the skin in those regions to ensure a natural appearance.

The surgeons of Sono Bello go on to clarify that micro-liposuction is a risk-free, fast and effective procedure to remove excess cellulite fat deposits that refuses to go way with regular exercise and diet. They also say that this medical treatment is ideal for problematic areas of men’s bodies such as the hips, stomach, thighs, chest, arms and ankles. This helps them to attain the firm, toned and slim that they desire.