How to use online tutoring websites?

How to use online tutoring websites

Trend has changed. And the same things apply for students. People are getting digital day by day and they find different ways to do their jobs. Students feel boring while they study from home or from school, they need a different solution. Thanks to the technology as it is possible now with online tutoring website like the Sturdy pool.

But, you cannot rely on all. You need to check many things before taking help of any online tutoring websites. So, check reviews before starting. And you should also learn how to use online tutoring websites.

Here is the guide

  • You just need to create your account on the online tutoring website, and fill all the required information they ask for and verify your account with given email, that’s it.
  • The second thing they will ask for is, your username and password. So, give an appropriate username and password which can be easily remembered by you.
  • The next you will get 3 options. Ask questions, Notebook and live to tutor. So, decide what you need and go for it.
  • If you are looking for accounting homework or may be another kind of homework, just click on homework section, here you need to put your needed questions and you will get your response quickly.
  • If you need help with chemistry, and your exam is coming then go for online tutoring and the available tutor will give you instant solution to your queries.
  • They can also help you in making notes, doing homework and getting answers for any query.
  • You can ask multiple questions at the time and there will be no one who will tell you that you are asking to many questions, so if you are shy in standing front of whole class again and again then studying online is a great option.