Four Ways To Prevent A Greasy Mane

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A problem with a greasy mane can turn your life into a hell. Everyday washing and too oily hair can be very annoying and deprive your confidence. So we asked the top specialists at barber shops NYC to tell us few tips on how you can solve this problem in simple ways.

#1 Reduce the damage

Ok, it sounds counterintuitive, but actually, daily washing provokes scalp to produce more and more oils, so when you rewash a mane it works only for one day. If you want to solve this problem – just reduce the washing up to 2-3 times per week. Of course, it will be hard for the first week, but very soon hair will get used to such treatment and won’t get greasy so fast.

#2 The proper hair care products

If you still use all those cheap hair care products from a mall – just go to the bathroom, take them all and throw out. They can’t truly make mane supple and manageable due to the high content of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and alcohol. Go to the organic shop and buy some natural shampoo and conditioner. You’ll feel the difference, we promise you.

#3 The nourishing and deeply cleansing mask

Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with three tablespoons of tea tree oil. Warm up the mixture and rub it on a scalp and roots, wait for approximately 30 minutes and wash it out with organic daily shampoo. Coconut oil will gently calm and moisturize scalp while the tea tree oil will dry the roots a bit and remove oils.

#4 Healthy nutrition

The last on our list, but not the last in importance. Greasy mane can be a result of an inconsistent diet. Nowadays, we all eat too many fast foods, too fatty, salty and spicy dishes; we drink little water as well. It can’t be good for our complex organism where everything is interdependent. Drink more water and eat more green leafy plants, in such way you’ll help the body to remove toxins and as a result – you get healthy mane, scalp and radiant facial skin.

Stay confident with a luminous hair.